Tournament Pack: ITS Season 13 Special Tournament Pack


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New Release! This Special Tournament Pack allows you to organize a tournament set in a specific chapter of the history of Infinity, focusing on the point when the pressure exerted by the EI forces seems about to breach our defenses on the Concilium front.
The ITS Season 13 Special Tournament Pack is designed to work 100% by itself.  You will find all the prizes necessary for your tournament, as well as including the entire contents of a Tournament Pack, and if this isn’t that enough, it includes an incredible exclusive Zeta Unit miniature, ideal for the winner tournament price, the limited edition of the Sargosh miniature as a second great prize, and much more stuff.
The ITS Season 13 Special Tournament Pack is an exclusive pack where the units are limited while supplies last, so do not miss the opportunity to live this adventure!

1x TAG (Zeta Unit Special Tournament Exclusive Edition) 
1x Sargosh Special Tournament Exclusive Edition
2x Exclusive patches.
4x Wound metal tokens
1x Laser Pointer
Plus, the Season 13 ITS Tournament Pack content :
1x Fiddler Tournament Exclusive Edition
1x Fiddler exclusive badge
3x Random limited edition patches
2x Order metal tokens
2x S2 Silhouette Templates
2x Exclusive dice
2x Jackbots 
1x Winner’s Medal
1x Anti-stress D20 
1x ITS Code (valid for tournament and also leagues)

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Release Date: Expected release date is 27th May 2022

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