Speculo Killer (Monofilament CCW, Combi Rifle)


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Product Information

Speculo Killers are the pinnacle of Shasvastii ingenuity applied to infiltration. The Continuum has designed the perfect spies and assassins. Advanced genetic growth therapies allow them to transform a baseline generic biosynthetic body into a near-perfect replica of the target of impersonation in under 36 standard hours. Genomic and anatomical match rates hover at ninety-nine percent, with the remaining one percent being gene-coded combat training, nervous and metabolic augmentations, carbon-compound reinforcements for bone and muscle tissue, and quantronic neural implants that include an implanted memory network. Subtle differences that make them veritable killing machines. They can recreate the target’s psychological profile with intel and tissue samples gathered via probes and the Shasvastii Incursion and Pioneer corps. Their master sockets give them the ability to download information from their victim’s Cube directly into their own, without erasing the original data or going into feedback shock. Their garments are made out of a next-gen holographic fabric capable of shape-shifting and displaying any conceivable texture. Their real-time reproduction of skin and muscle flexing is astonishingly, unnervingly lifelike. After killing their approach target, they effectively transform into the victim, who resumes their life seamlessly until they get within striking distance of the main objective. Then the sleeping agent wakes up and chaos ensues. Once the Speculo Killers are on a case, they act with horrifying, beautiful, lethal efficiency.

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