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Patsy Garnett, Orc Troops Varuna Div. NCO (Submachine Gun).


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Patsy is the archetypal Varuna girl: slender, lithe, sun-kissed and relentlessly lively; she’s a living tourism brochure for her home planet. How did such a sweet girl end up clad in a suit of ORC armour in the Varuna Division, a unit that has trodden some of the darkest paths of the Human Sphere?

Patsy Garnett is an Orc Troop, a resilient Heavy Infantry that will provide versatility to your Varuna Immediate Reaction Division (REF: 281204-0743) thanks to her NCO Special Skill allowing her to take advantage of the Special Lieutenant Order as a wildcard she can use it in any Fireteam of this Sectorial Army.

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