Operation Crimson Stone w/ pre-order bonus Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff

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Operation Crimson Stone is a new battlebox that brings two new factions into Infinity CodeOne: Ariadna – founded by the descendants of the first human colony ship - and Nomads - a coalition of three colossal ships -. As you know, Infinity CodeOne is 1005 compatible with Infinity N4. N4 players will find in this box miniatures for the sectorials Corregidor and Kosmoflot!

The battlebox Operation Crimson Stone includes everything 2 players would need to play: 14 miniatures, scenery, accessories and a 40 pages booklet with an introduction to Nomads and Ariadna, as well as a 5 tutorial missions to learn the Infinity CodeOne basic game mechanics. Games take 30-60 minutes.

Battlebox includes:
- 3x Corregidor Alguaciles (Combi Rifle)
- 1x Sombra, Forward Interdiction Team
- 1x Evader, EVA Tactical Group
- 1x Hellcats
- 1x Intruder, Corregidor Assault Commandos (HMG)

- 1x Rokots (Rifle)
- 1x Rokots (SMG)
- 1x Rokots (Light Shotgun)
- 1x Paracommando (Boarding Shotgun)
- 1x SAS (Boarding Shotgun)
- 1x Volkolak (HMG)
- 1x Zenit-7 (AP Sniper Rifle)

During pre-order, Operation Crimson Stone will include the Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff pre-order exclusive miniature!

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