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Normal Orders FAQ

  1. Will my order/pre-order/backorder have delays? 
    Yes, all shipments have delays. Please expect delays for all orders. 

  2. How long do Backorders take to process?
    Backorders can take up to 6 weeks to process, we have to wait for them then pick and pack them. As soon as you order we order from the various distributors. unfortunately after that its a waiting game.

  3. I made and IN-STOCK order. How long till It's shipped?
    The order is still unfulfilled. Please allow at least 2-14 business days to process your order. These delays are caused by processing time, where it could be packing, getting picked, additional shipping time etc.

  4. If an item have the Pre-Order Button, will it still take up to 14 work days to process? 
    Please expect  delays. Some items may take longer to process (can be up to 30 work days). 

  5. My order has passed 14 work days, I didn't receive any updates?
    Please make sure its at least 14 work days (exclude Saturday,Sunday, Public Holidays) and if it does then one of your item in your order is taking longer to process as per no.3

  6. I need an item quite urgently, should I order?
    We don't recommend to order anything that is time sensitive at this point. but email us and we might be able to accommodate.

  7. NEW RELEASES pre-order. Will these arrive to me on release day?
    Unfortunately, we cannot promise anything at this point as there is a lot of delivery delays. We ask that you expect delays if you are to make any NEW RELEASE pre-order.

  8. Can I get a refund on my order? 
    Yes, you can. We also have the right to refuse a change of mind return. Any cancellations/refunds/returns will be subjected to our reward points penalty. Please also see our Terms of Service page

  9. If the website is showing Add to Cart instead of Pre-Order, will delays apply to it as well?
    Yes, there would still be shipping delays. Probably not as much as pre-order or backorder. Please expect from 2 work days up to 4 weeks to receive your item. This will also depends on your location.

  10. I am not sure if the item you (Toy Soldier Imports) have is in stock, if it's not in-stock could you refund the order?
    We ask that you do not make the order and get in touch with us before making any orders.

  11. What are the Shipping Fees for my orders?
    The Shipping fee for orders within Australia and below $140 is $9.99 at time of writing. Order amounts above $140 and to be shipped within Australia are free unless otherwise noted on an individual product.

  12. My order is showing unfulfilled, what does that mean?
    It means your order is in process.

  13. I haven't gotten an update on my order, what happened to it?
    Does you order contained a pre-order/back-ordered item? If it does, please do wait up to 14 work days. Else if its above 14 work days, please email us.

  14. Do you ship products out of Australia?
    Yes we do, please expect longer than usual shipping times. We likely also will need to determine a customised shipping price for you and alter how tax is charged on products. We highly recommend getting into contact with us via email.

  15. Can you split my order?
    Unfortunately, one order, one shipment. If you would like to split your order, please do make 2 orders. 

  16. There are some questions I couldn't find in this FAQ
    Did you also check out our Terms of Service page?

  17. What currency is on the website?
    All items are priced in Australian Dollars (AUD)

  18. If I can't find an item I want, can you still order them for me?
    Please contact us, we might be able to special order it in for you. 

  19. How do I know if my order is already shipped?
    You should received an email stating that you order has been fulfilled.

  20. Do you allow pickup?
    Unfortunately pickup is not allowed.

  21. I have an issue with my order? What Should I do?
    If there is something missing/damaged in your order, please make sure to document your shipment (ie. packaging and contents) and email us at We need this information before we can start processing.

Please note that these FAQ may change without prior notice

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