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A Song of Ice & Fire - Nights Watch Shadow tower Spearmen


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The Shadow Tower Spearmen Protect the Wall’s Flanks From Attack

Everyone in Westeros knows of The Wall and the stalwart Night’s Watch that mans it. Slightly less well-known is what are on the flanks of the towering edifice. To the West, there’s the Shadow Tower. There, the brothers in black specialize in wielding spears, making them masters at defending against flanking maneuvers of enemy fast-attack.

The Shadow Tower Spearmen unit box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives Night’s Watch players a new melee unit with which to protect their flanks. These troops train ceaselessly with their long spears, making them capable of inflicting severe damage on anyone foolish enough to try and charge them. They also know that their duty is to never break and run, standing unyielding against any enemy.

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