Product Information

The Strike Case is the ideal carry case for small model count and skirmish games. Despite it's small size it can still fit a lot, we use one to carry 30 S2 Infinity models, 1 S7 model, 1 S4 model and 4 S6 models.

Quality Construction

This is not a 'cheap' case, it is an EVA molded semi-ridged case manufactured using high quality materials. 

Our cases provide the best of both a solid plastic and nylon fabric cases. Plastic cases can be heavy to carry and fabric can be very flimsy. Being moulded, semi-ridged keeps the wight down but provides great stability to hold everything secure.

The Strike Case is made with the highest quality materials, every detail has been thought of from the right size zips and nice moulded rubber handle.

What fits in this case?

This bag is suitable for all 'Horizontal' trays (380mm x 190mm) and can fit upto 101mm in thickness.


This set includes three (3) 1/2 size and one (1) full size foam trays designed for Infinity.

There is one (1) 3-7 Tray (60mm deep pockets) which include the following slots:

2x 40x60mm
3x 45x60mm
1x 98x60mm (this pocket includes a removable section, if not removed the pocket measures 75x60mm)

The larger pocket on this tray includes small slits allowing you gaps to insert extended weapons, barrels etc.


There are two (2) Infantry Trays (25mm deep pockets) where each tray includes the following slots:

15x 25x50mm slots (for a total of 30x 25x50mm slots)


There is one (1) Infinity Template Tray: 

This tray is designed to hold your templates and accessories for Infinity.   Tray Dimensions Pockets on this tray are 25mm deep Width: 190 Length: 380 Height: 33mm (25mm deep pockets and an 8mm thick base)

This will fit inside your Knights of Dice Strike case, sitting on top of the existing foam inserts for your infinity miniatures.

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