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TSI is proud to present a runner up army list from our army building competition. Created by Andrew Jankovic, this starter pack contains the Neoterran Capitaline Army Starter Pack, a Neoterra Bolts box, an Auxilia Box, and the Hexas Sniper.

This is a fantastic start for new players wanting to pick up an army and play, or veterans that are thinking of starting a new army.

You can find the army list that won the competition, using every model you see here as you see it here.

In addition, this pack also contains all the essentials that you need to play the game. This pack will additionally include:

  • 1x Lieutenant Order Marker
  • 10x Regular Order 1 Markers
  • 1x Irregular Order 1 Marker
  • 1x Impetuous Order 1 Marker
  • 2x Wound 1 Markers
  • 2x Unconscious Markers
  • 3x Prone Markers

  • 5x PanOceania Dice

  • 1x Small Teardrop Templat
  • 1x Large Teardrop Template
  • 1x Blast Template

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