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The wise are not fooled by the theatrics of desperate villains and thieves, instead looking to their own brothers and sisters for strength. For it is amongst our own fellowships that true heroes shall arise, not from those poisoned by foul hearts and minds.  

— Ferrite, Master of the Blacksmith’s Guild


The low cunning of traitors does not taint the hearts of all who take to the pitch. For each turncoat who defects, plenty more keep the faith no matter the hardship visited upon them. Resolution replacing sorrow, these figures remain loyal to their teammates and Guild, respect and honour foremost in their minds as they begin the next chapter of their lives.


But faith can represent something far more spiritual to the devoted. The August Lord Solthecius ever promises rebirth to those willing to sacrifice allegiance in the name of resurrection, their souls cleansed as they step into the light and claim their own new beginning... 

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