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Each year, the Farmer’s Guild holds a memorial event for their patriarch, and this year’s is upon us now. You see teams from all over attend in celebration of this fallen hero, their hearts as full of the passion that once drove his. Who will stand proud this year, their names forever etched with honor alongside his?

To celebrate the upcoming release of the brand new Farmer’s Guild: Old Father’s Harvest, this event pack teaches coaches how to work the pitch and play Guild Ball like a Farmer. Coaches simply bring their favorite team and play Guild Ball, earning special bonuses for harvesting and reaping. This gives all coaches a taste for the Farmer’s exciting play style. Who will be the cream of the crop? Find out during this one-time, farm-to-table event! Prize support is included to award participants and sportsmanship.

This pack includes:

2 Posters
36 Alternate-Art Player Cards
3 Limited-Edition Farmer’s Hay Bale Balls
20 Flyers
20 Invitation Cards
and everything else you need for a successful launch party!

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